Monday, 14 December 2009

ALICE by Alice Temperley

ALICE by Alice Temperley SS10ALICE by Alice Temperley SS10

After viewing SS10 Temperley London (which you can read about here), their PR has helpfully sent out a press-release detailing their new diffusion line called ALICE.  The blurb says that:
Reminiscent of the Temperley London mainline Collection, but with its own fresh and accessible aesthetic creed, “ALICE” opens the doors to a wider market and offers existing clients a new option for mixing high and low or simply adjusting their style to new times. With prices ranging from £80 to £500, “ALICE’s” modern, feminine and flattering pieces that have a rock-n-roll edge, offer amazing value to an audience that can appreciate, enjoyand craft their own version of the Temperley London DNA at a contemporary price point.
Well, there is no problem with the price-point, and we're also pretty sure it will sell well, given Temperley's popularity with a certain section of society (read: rahs who are at university and so can't afford the mainline collection without Daddy's credit card).  But the concern is that this will divert Alice's attention away from her mainline even more, resulting in an even worse collection than the one she presented for next season.  Why not go back to the gorgeous goddess dresses and embellishments that we know you can do so well?

As for ALICE itself - have a gander below.  The look isn't really what I'd describe as "rock-n-roll" and is in fact quite derivative (Diesel anyone?).  The stripes are simply too abundant, and come on, bows??  Still??  Just because your gangly model has a fringe and sultry look doesn't make your clothes cool.  It seems Alice has fallen straight through the looking glass and got stuck on the other side, trapped in a universe devoid of style or direction...

 ALICE by Alice Temperley SS10

However, I think I quite like this dress:

ALICE by Alice Temperley SS10

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