Monday, 14 December 2009

The Face

Macauley Culkin on the front cover of The Face magazine

I was talking to my friend Eve a few days ago about magazines we love, their coming and going, and of course, we ended up talking about the iconic magazine that was The Face.  To my surprise, Eve (who works in music journalism) said that they are in discussions about bringing it back in some form or another!  This excited me at first, and then slightly worried me...  I do hope, if they bring it back, that it is as good (is better possible?) as it was in its heyday.

Anyway, today I suddenly thought about my favourite issue of The Face, which had a cover shot of Macauley Culkin.  I remember drooling over this as a teenager.  I thought you might enjoy the history lesson :-)  Unfortunately, I could only find these two photos.

Btw, is it wrong to still kind of fancy him in the smoking shot?

Macauley Culkin smoking in The Face photo shoot


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  1. I just unearthed a copy of The Face in my magazine library. Scan and send!!!! Jaz is going MENTAL xxx