Thursday, 14 January 2010

Dazed, but not Confused

I love going through magazines with friends, gossiping, bitching, wishing we looked like the models on the pages, lusting after the goodies in the ads.  So I thought we could try doing this online.  So grab yourself a large glass of red and let's go through some of my highlights from the January issue of UK Dazed & Confused, which stars 90's heroin(e) Courtney Love on the front cover.

My first pic is actually an advert for Reiss, not some fancy-schmancy brand.  Actually, Dazed & Confused doesn't usually go for the really high-end ads, I guess because most of it's readership can't afford to shop in Harvey Nichols, even though they may enjoy looking at the more expensive pieces in the editorial shoots and will know all about the designers from the articles.  I like this advert for four reasons: a) the man is very handsome (is it the beard?)  b) the man is wearing a bow-tie (I'm still not over them yet)  c) the man wears glasses  d) the style of photography against the white background makes it look a bit like a Tom Ford ad.  My second choice is this article on the new British 2-man electronic band, Hurts, with photography by Hedi Slimane.  The duo even confess to being obsessed with Dior Homme, as you can tell from the way they are styled...  Hurts were recently listed in the BBC's Sound of 2010, along with Ellie Goulding, Marina & the Diamonds, etc etc.  Perhaps we should expect great things of them, especially since previous BBC Sound of... shortlisters include Little Boots and Adele.


This bag is produced as part of a collaboration between AnOther magazine, danish brand Mismo, and Peter Pilotto.  The print comes from one of the many Peter Pilotto created digitally for their AW 09/10 womenswear collection.  I can imagine myself traipsing round Waitrose with said bag.  The second picture is a photograph of the American artists Dan Colen, Ryan McGinley, Dash Snow.  I am put off this because there was a horrible boy when I was at school whose surname was McGinley, but I am attracted to it because it reminds me of Tracy Emin's Unmade Bed, without the price-tag. 


The cover of Dazed features Courtney Love, ex-wife of Kurt Cobain and former lead of Hole.  The article details her imminent come-back, which I am looking forward to, only because very recently I was introduced to Hole and LOVE IT.  It's all about Malibu.  She is also quite photogenic.  In the first picture, her dress is by Hussein Chalayan, but you can't really see it.  Then she wears an amazing diamanté-speckled body and pair of leggings by Osklen (from Brazil, I am not sure if anywhere stocks it in the UK), where she manages to look both erotic and almost virginal.


I adore the drapey, see-through, tattered dress by Mihara Yasuhiro on the next page, although perhaps most people would choose to wear something underneath it.  My tastes in fashion change quite dramatically every so often, meaning that, although my wardrobe always seems to be progressing towards some particular definite ideal of style, it will never reach it.  At the moment that ideal is mainly Margiela-based, and this dress I think could complement it.  By the way, I worked out that if I decide to start wearing women's clothing, I would be around a size 16.  And the sleeves would still be too short.  Sigh, I might just stick with menswear....


I think the image of this AF Vandervorst dress billowing in what one can be sure is a windmachine-generated gust, but one would like to imagine is a gentle breeze blowing directly out of the model's own inner beauty, is fantastic.  I do not mind at all that I cannot see the Gareth Pugh suit that she is wearing underneath.  Perhaps I am very slow on the uptake (or I haven't been reading many fashion magazines), but this is the first in-the-print picture of SS10 Christopher Kane that I have held in my hands for examination.  And I like it very much.  The pleated - is it chiffon? - fabric and the soft plaid print that produces the gorgeous Moiré effect around the model's lower half is simply mesmerising.


However, I think the styling on the photo on the right does not do this Christopher Kane dress justice.  The hair and makeup and deer-in-the-headlights expression simply don't suit it.  Going back to the image on the left, I really really really want some Katie Eary menswear accessories, some epaulettes to decorate my shoulders with in the morning.  But, below, Dazed did manage to find a dress by Jil Sander (i.e. Raf Simons) which I think suits this styling, in terms of both hair-and-makeup and photography.




  1. Oh, Courtney! LOL. It's hard to defend her nowadays. I certainly don't bother!

  2. funny, the name of my blog is dazed and confused and here I am, stumbling on a really cute blog that has a smart post exactly about... dazed and confuzed. cool!