Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Is my inbox trying to bankrupt me?

Usually Mulberry's not really my thing, and you probably know what I think about celebrity endorsements/designers, but seriously, I want this Alexa Bag in "Oak Soft Buffalo Leather"!  That's Alexa Chung, in case you're wondering.  It would look so cute slung across me satchel-style on my way to work. For the more daring of you, it also comes in yellow, ink blue, oak leopard print, and peony pink leopard print (think hot pink).  And there is an oversized version too.  I just hope Mulberry comes out with a version large enough to look manly (*scoff*) and carry all my important notes, books, Vogue etc etc.



  1. I love the oversized version! been in my dreams for quite a while now...

  2. oh i'd love to use that as a school bag.
    great blog btw!

  3. Ack.... still trying to get over the shame that I heart this bag...