Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Net-A-Porter Re-Stocked

It's official, Natalie Massenet wants every last penny from my bank account.  She wants to bankrupt me completely, force me to steal from my friends and family, and eventually end up living in the gutter behind St Martin's Lane, wrapped up in a ball of shiny shiny couture.  Net-A-Porter just emailed me to point out which new collections they will be stocking for Spring/Summer, you see, and I have already started scraping cash together from my almost empty accounts to be able to afford some brand-spanking-new Peter Pilotto, Giambattista Valli, Valentino, Isabel Marant, and Alaïa.  I know I may not be able to pull off some of the looks I'm about to discuss, but perhaps some of my willing friends could...  And then I can feel special just by standing next to them.  Now, I don't know exactly what Natalie's buyers have picked out, but if I were them I would have selected:

Yeah yeah I know this season is all about nudity and light and pastel etc, but right now I'm being drawn to the dark side. I think this sumptuous velvety, twisted dress by Peter Pilotto is divine, and totally suitable for Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The gorgeous colours melt into one another and it shows just the right amount of leg without being slutty.


OK, so this Giambattista Valli number might err on the side of slutty, given that the top half is completely transparent, but with the right underwear/outwear I think this could be totally chic. I like the contrast between the ruffled textured skirt and straight lines and simplicity of the top. And the bling really sets it off. Wear with caution.


For Valentino I've decided to stay on-trend and pick a nice muted pastel pink colour. The kind of colour that could end up being sickly, but luckily hasn't. The oversized ruffles on the hem and the shoulder, travelling down one side, remind me of a girlier version of what Ricardo was doing over at Nina Ricci before he got the boot. Susie Bubble made a post about the use of the word "cute" in fashion, and I definitely think it applies here.


The transparency continues over at Isabel Marant, this time teamed with a multicoloured mini-skirt (on the cheaper/easier-to-wear side of Balenciaga) and a jacket a little bit similar (although better fitted) to one I coveted from Markus Lupfer's apparently final collection for Armand Basi One two seasons ago. Naturally, I gotta mention those boots that everyone seems to want... Sadly, the tassles just don't really do it for me.


Shame on you! (where all the previous photos came from) You don't have any pics from Alaïa's SS10 collection! (neither does So we'll finish off with a classic shot of Cher explaining how Alaïa is a "totally important designer", or something like that...

Happy shopping,


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