Monday, 1 March 2010

Cooperative Designs

I was really keen to see one of the Cooperative Designs presentations because a couple of months ago I picked up a fab Coop Designs black wooden ring during a mega-sale at Browns on South Molton Street (btw, they are doing a special feature on another Anastasia&Duck favourite, Marni, at the moment).  It was a bit of a kooky affair, being held in an art gallery, with an art presentation and nibbles upstairs (the food was amazing actually, especially the bizarre combination of egg and artichoke in a sandwich), and the clothing presentation going on in the basement, whose walls were covered with patterned printer paper.  It all looked a bit make-do-and-mend, as did the clothing...  Most of the "clothes" presented were dodgy-looking knitwear pieces: ill-fitting, poorly designed, and looking like something your children made for a school project.  Luckily, I was impressed by the accessories: fabulous wooden and plastic geometrically shaped rings, necklaces and bangles, as well as crazy headpieces dripping with yarn like knitted chandeliers.  Hopefully Browns will be having a sale in 6 months time!


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