Sunday, 7 March 2010

Elle Style Awards 2010

Eeeeek, just realised I never told you guys about my bizarre Elle Style Awards experience!  I went along as "press" (i.e. for this blog...), but since I always attend fashion shows in my "buyer" capacity for work, I had no idea what "press" actually do.  In my case, press apparently arrive at the event dressed head-to-toe in McQueen, walk up the red carpet and get papped, then saunter into the main hall where the event is going to be, bump into Kylie Minogue, and then get helped to a seat by an usher.  Only then did I manage to explain to the usher that I probably wasn't meant to be in the dining room, as I was "press", and after some confusion, the lovely Katie Brafman from Talk PR showed me where the real press were waiting in the press room.

The press room consisted of a large hall with a long table down one end covered in snack foods and beers and wines, another long table swarming with journos yapping into their mobiles and busily tapping away on their laptops, and then the press board where the paps were setting up their cameras.  As I said, I was wearing a full-on suit and had with me my Flip videocamera and my phone.  Anna was wearing an Aquascutum red mini-dress, butterflies in her hair, and didn't even have a camera with her.  We fitted in really well...  After having a few beers we noticed there was another woman sitting in fab Rachel Roy dress looking bored out of her mind - no laptop in sight.  Turned out she was the blogger from Red Carpet Fashion Awards, and she was also enjoying the free wine.  We had a good chat until the celebs started coming in.

So this is how it works.  You wait in the press room until each person wins their award, and then they are whisked into your room by their minders, so that you can photograph the hell out of them.  I'm afraid my poor video camera couldn't cope with the intense flashes the paps were using  - I'm pretty surprised the celebs could cope with it too, but I guess they're used to it.  You can get a reasonable idea of what it would be like for them from the video above.  We saw and/or spoke to Claudia Schiffer, Roland Mouret, Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Carey Mulligan, Nicholas Hoult, Colin Firth, Alexa Chung, Paloma Faith, Erdem, Laura Bailey, Kristen Stewart, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof.  Erdem was a darling as always, and he even remembered me from the Cutler and Gross party!  However, Kristen Stewart was a moody bitch - she scowled at the photographers, and her PR assistant practically had to rip her leather jacket off her back in order to read the label to the fashion bloggers, because Kristen herself wasn't interested in sharing...

The whole thing was crazy and over pretty quickly, but luckily I managed to get myself into the afterparty, which was, quite possibly, the best party I have ever attended.  The highlight: drunkenly stumbling right into Agyness Deyn.  :-D

So if any of you other bloggers live in big cities too, you might try going along to events like this as press - it can be a lot of fun!  And all you have to do is email the PR, who knew?


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  1. Yea, totally agree with contacting the PR. Being nice helps!

    Got a lot of extra perks ;)