Monday, 1 March 2010

Finally made it to Bernard Chandran

This was the first season I had ever made it to a Bernard Chandran show in London, since his timings have always clashed with something else I wanted to go to.  Now I'm wishing I'd popped by his other shows, because it was really rather good.  It was a very sleek, polished collection in a base colour of black, but decorated in blue, green, purple, silver and gold sequins and feathers.  One of the crazier outfits included a dress with white feathers jutting out of the shoulders.  My friends and I really liked the oversized handbags, covered either in feathers or gold sequins.  The "beauty" look was a full-on facepainting to create crazy porcelain doll-like geishas.  An excellent show, only slightly let down by the incredibly repetitive soundtrack.



  1. A stunning Collection!! Beautiful, thanks for this wonderful post!

    And thanks for the sweet comment on my black and grey cape, it is much appreciated!

    ♥ MADISON thing

  2. I loved the cape, I wish I had the pattern cutting/sewing skills required to back up my design ideas...