Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Happy 101

I would like to say a big thankyou to Fashion Wonderland for this award!  It's my first blogging award, and I haven't been doing this long, so I'm really happy some people out there like what I'm posting!

The recipient must:

1. List ten things that make you happy

2. Pass the award on to ten bloggers

Ten Things That Make Me Happy
1. Anna Jewsbury, despite her obvious flaws :)
2. All things Kinder-chocolate
3. Liberty department store in London, especially near Christmas time
4. Sherry
5. All things German
6. Travelling in Europe, especially by car or train
7. Dancing to amazing music
8. Playing "dress-up"
9. Owls
10. Maths

There are a couple of blogs I read avidly (i.e. Style Bubble and A Shaded View on Fashion) and would give this to, but they also receive loads of press anyway, so I'm giving it to a few of my lesser-known blogging favs:


  1. Thanks so much, I am so flattered. You made my day.
    Much love Duck!

    Keep in touch!

    ♥ MADISON thing

  2. glasgow style's great, love Les Garcons.

  3. Vielen Dank!Pornös!ありがとうございました。
    Ich war mal wieder auf der Insel unterwegs und hatte kein Internet bis jetzt.