Thursday, 18 March 2010

Julie & Julia, Anastasia & Duck

And so another day of work in Germany is over, and another evening spent alone in front of my laptop, munching miniature Kinder eggs and drinking cold tea by the bucketful.  Tonight, through the wonder that is the internet, I chose the movie Julie & Julia be my companion for the evening.  No particular reasoning behind my choice, it was simply a movie I had read about a while ago and never got around to watching, although I'm also a big fan of Meryl Streep.  But it turns out it was quite an appropriate selection, given that it is about a woman who starts a blog so that she can record cooking every one of Julia Child's recipes over the course of a year.  Basically, it's someone who is bored and turns to blogging to escape their humdrum life.  Sound familiar?


Meryl, as usual, was fantastic.  It's quite fascinating how she manages to take on another person's mannerisms and peculiarities so precisely.  She really made me fall in love with the bumbling Julia, even though I had never even heard of her before.  The actress who played Julie reminded me strangely of Miranda from SATC - she was a bit of a bitch too.  Surprise bonus of the evening?  Sue from Glee stars as Julia's sister!  God, I love her.

So where am I now?  Hungry, very hungry, and oh so wanting a boyfriend like Julie's.  Oh, and reminiscing with pictures of Meryl from her Devil Wears Prada days while I continue to work my way through these Kinder eggs...

Btw, the cutie is called Chris Messina.


Photos from (in order) Surf and Turf, TVGuide, IMDB x 2, and Image Shack.


  1. where does the whole anastasia and duck thing come from?

  2. that movie was the kick in the butt for me to finally go from stage "thinking about creating a blog" to stage "creating a blog" :)

  3. great post! i loved the bf too!