Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Le pom-pom pour ma tête?

Sonia Rykiel presented a very wearable, relaxed collection in chic khakis, browns and greys, black, royal blue and nude, avoiding some of her usual excessive styling and sequins.  There was, of course, all the standard knitwear one would expect, but for me, it was a massive improvement in terms of the style.  But what did I love most about it?  The pom-poms!!  Every girl was wearing them, and they looked a little bit like those loofah-type balls that some people use in the shower, except infinitely softer and lighter and fluffier.  I really hope they do actually go into production - I'll be scouting round the shops come October looking to get me one!! 

The video was from lucianoburgo's Youtube channel - if you don't follow it already, I would definitely recommend it for finding well shot and edited show videos very quickly after the actual showtime.  Photos from Style.com


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  1. Love Sonia Rykiel! Unfortunately I hated the H&M collabo she did (not the underwear, that was nice) Meh.