Wednesday, 24 March 2010

L'Officiel Hommes: Die Deutsche Nummer EINS

Eeeeek, so I guess apologies are in order for this being the first post of the week.  Well, if you're looking for apologies, please direct your hatemail to British Airways, or at least their striking staff who caused my flight back to the UK to be cancelled three times since Sunday.  A hectic week my end...

But there is a benefit to spending a lot of time hanging around airports - shopping!  I already mentioned how much I love to raid the duty-free shops, (and don't worry, I did pick up a couple of beauty products yet again) but this time my attention was focused on a stationary shop in the Düsseldorfer Flughafen which was brimming with magazines and papers from around the world.  The first I managed to get my greedy hands on, and the first I have read so far, was also the first German-language issue of iconic French fashion bible L'Officiel Hommes.  Now, some of you may worship at the altar of Vogue (in any of its international guises), but my mag of choice (when I can find it) is definitely L'Officiel.  And being able to read it leisurely in German instead of hacking my way through the French version was a bonus.  Perhaps one day I'll have the joy of reading it in English? (*Hint* *Hint* to the publishers there...).

Some photographic proof of just how fabulous L'Officiel really is below, starting with a simple but effective memorial to Alexander McQueen:

I know these gold Tom Ford solarium glasses are completely impractical, not just because I don't use sunbeds, but also because they are opaque, but still, who wouldn't want them hanging up in their bathroom? Below, I love this Givenchy outfit that Ricardo Tisci has whipped up for us. It's like a modern geometric twist on Scandinavian knitwear, and kind of looks like a giant baby-grow - exactly the kind of look I'm into at the moment! :-) If only Ricardo would design a kigu for me...  I'm also seeing a much more refined version of that Chanel bodysuit Leigh Lezark was sporting last year.

Above, this Raf Simon's jacket is calling to me, saying "BUY ME, BUY ME".  I can't quite decide if I prefer this more subtle use of fabric-blocking than his former attempts with blue neoprene on grey suits, but I know that really I actually want both, even if I can't afford them right now.  And finally, for your viewing pleasure this evening...

Is it wrong to be so turned on by Mickey?



  1. Not at all! Yummy!

    I love this magazine, thanks so much for sharing!!

    ♥ MADISON thing

  2. ahh amzing! the guys are smokin!