Sunday, 14 March 2010

There's a new girl in my town

I forgot to post this last week but finally, after much emailing back and forth with Borders and Frontiers, my Tavi T-shirt has arrived!  I know lots of you fashionistas apparently find her irritating, are horrified by her massive headgear, or are simply a tad jealous... but I still loves her.  I read her blog quite regularly and am totally amazed by the head that is on such a young girl.  So, I am quite happy to show my Tavi-pride in public, hence the T-shirt.  Unfortunately, it didn't come in time for me to wear to London Fashion Week, but I guess there is always September...  Honestly, sometimes it seems like I am always one step behind.  (Or maybe I'm just really 6 months ahead?)  Anyway, the shirt has a cute Tavi-inspired/designed shiny copper print that will fit in well with the rest of my wardrobe.

Apologies for the wrinkles, I have left it to hang up so most of the creases fall out - I am slightly concerned about ironing it and messing up the surface...  Once it's nice and smooth you can expect to see it used in an outfit post :)

So all you Tavi-haters, back off!


  1. Hehe! Me love Tavi! Although I feel just a bit pedo-ish by saying that. But I think that's just my crazy mind fucking with me again:D
    You wear the shit out of that t-shirt!!1