Monday, 15 March 2010

This dog's had its day

Just saw Florence and the Machine's latest video for Florence's new single Dog Days Are Over and it's pretty amazing!  Shot very beautifully and yet simply, it really compliments the song.  The outfits are naturally fabulous, and my former LFW-fave Qasimi designed one of her dresses.  It's such a shame that Qasimi won't be making womenswear anymore, although I suppose that means more of the delicious Middle Eastern designer's duds for me.  Well, when I am rich enough to afford his couture-like pieces...

On another note, I'm totally in love with Florence's red, white and black makeup in what I'm guessing is her "Japanese" look.  An obvious look?  Maybe, but still graphically stunning.  I'll need to get my latest Youtube find, Shiva Queen, to teach me how to do it!  I swear one of these days I'm going to wake up a drag queen.


I just spoke to Khalid AlQasimi who said that although he has taken a short hiatus from designing a womenswear collection, after a few seasons to allow his business to grow steadily, he will be back with his beautiful beautiful dresses pour les femmes!  And he also said that we should be looking forward to something special for the girls happening in the near future...