Monday, 8 March 2010

Up close and personal with Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

I loved having the opportunity to get so close to these Nicholas Kirkwood for Autumn/Winter Rodarte shoes long before they will be in the shops...  Gotta love the melted wax effect on the heels! 

As for the Rodarte collection, I wasn't totally sure how I felt about it.  Usually I love them, but this time I thought some of it was plain ugly.  Maybe, like Comme for example, it will be one of those collections it will take me until the time it goes on sale to "get".  Unfortunately, by then, I'll be wrestling with Spring/Summer 2011!

An example of what I thought was ugly:

...but I did love the Courtney Love-esque almost-wedding dresses at the end:

Photos by, video by moi.


  1. The white wedding dress is lovely!

  2. I liked most of this, but was not craaazy about it. Sigh..