Sunday, 31 January 2010

Romain Kremer Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

Totally loving this two-piece leather jacket I spotted amongst the Romain Kremer photos over at Sonny's.  The neck protection is perfect for the bitterly windy days we're having here at the moment!  And if you're feeling more daring, you can wear the top part on it's own.  But if you don't happen to have abs of steel like the model below, you might want to think again :)  If you do happen to have abs of steel, drop me a line...  Another piece I liked was the black top with furry sleeves, but I'm definitely not keen on the strange "Petshop Boys"-style outfits.




Ute Ploier Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

More photos I found on Sonny's blog.  I really fancy one of these Ute Ploier fuzzy sweaters for myself, and the cosy scarf as well!  Also, the dark blue shirt would be a classic eveningwear wardrobe staple. 



Sleepy ciao

Friday, 29 January 2010

Walter Van Beirendonck Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

Right, so I just discovered pics from Sonny Vandevelde's photography blog from a whole range of shows that didn't get covered on my usual photo-channels of GQ, Vogue etc etc.  So now expect a series of posts from the more obscure shows of Paris fashion week, as it seems Sonny has magical powers and manages to make it to every bloody show!  Not even most journalists can manage this...  He also takes a mean fashion pic - he has this way of playing with the light and shadow to really make the colours pop (Photoshop?).

These pictures are from Walter Van Beirendonck's show, which was totally crazy as usual.  The outfits look like some bizarre sort of superhero getup, but I'm kind of into the spiky back on the first pink shot!  The giant headphones don't really do it for me though, and the pieces of womenswear shown amongst the gents were just bizarre (robotic white giraffe phallus anyone?).  Strangely, Walter picked a series of skinny male models, because in the past I have seen him use, shall we say, more portly gentlemen, of a similar stature and hirsuteness to himself.  It's Crrrraaazzyyyyyy

Model wearing pink spiky backed Walter Van Beirendonck top from his autumn winter 2010 collection 

Kiss Me Qasimi x 2

Two male models kissing wearing Qasimi autumn winter 2010
Love love love these pics taken by Sonny Vandevelde at the Qasimi menswear show in Paris last week.  Especially like the special time being had by two of the models sharing the low, and then even the (hottie) designer Khalid joined in!  You can check out the video from the show on Qasimi's website right now.  I need to have the white shirt in the pic above...

 Khalid AlQasimi kissing friend at the Qasimi autumn winter menswear show 2010


Hermès pour vous?

Just read about these new ads for Hermès starring American supermodel of the moment, Karlie Kloss.  They are all inspired by traditional fairy-tales.  Hermès isn't really my style, but I do love these pictures, particularly the one with the orange scarf.


Although I may not be desperate to get my hands on a Birkin bag, I just discovered there is something Hermès makes which I'm after - a Leica camera! Don't you think this one is beautiful? Sadly, I suspect it's out of my price range... But if anyone knows where I can get a good deal on this, let me know!!

Saving up me pennies,

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ms Felicity 'Gina Rose

Meet Anastasia's new assistant, one Ms Felicity 'Gina Rose.  And that's definitely a Ms.  Ms Rose describes herself as dark and bitchy, like Christmas.  She enjoys sitting in darkened rooms with a glass of gin, and rewriting her children out of her wills.  She may be contacted at, if you dare.  Here you can see her presenting three pieces she purchased (stole) from Anna's vintage section at Eva London.  She is sporting a leopard-print silk scarf, a set of peachy faux pearls, and the cutest bejewelled fake pocket watch brooch.  You better get used to her, because you're going to be seeing a lot more of her if Anastasia has her way...

Felicity Rose wearing Eva London jewellery


Ciao dahling

You want couture? I'll give you couture!

And now for the best of the rest.  Although actually some of these are the best in the first place so...  Anyway, first up we have Valentino who took a totally different tack this year, and infused their floaty chiffon pastel collection with shockingly vibrant fluoro colours.  Some have compared it to Balenciaga, in fact last night we saw this tweet:
@bryanboy doesnt understand the new Valentino couture collection. Some
of the looks are like a sloppy Balenciaga
but apparently this morning BryanBoy had warmed to it.  Anyway, I think some of it was pretty damn amazing:


I heart the Pocahontas-inspired transparent headdresses!  I'll need to make me some...

Armani Privé produced a range of chic, elegant blah blah damn amazing suits and dresses.  The references to the moon were obvious and a little bit too overpowering, but almost every one of these outfits can stand out on its own.  I especially like the sheeny shiny suit and dress below:


Anne Valerie Hash made couture out of hand-me-downs from friends.  That isn't as bad as it sounds.  For example, the hood that goes with the jumpsuit below was donated by Diane Pernet, and the t-shirt and spangly jacket on the man were once Pete Doherty's favourite jacket.  Who wouldn't want to wear a piece of Diane?


Alexis Mabille was probably my least favourite collection, but these two simple dichromic looks below stood out for me...


Maison Martin Margiela presented their famous Artisinal couture collection, but without Mr Margiela at the helm, it's difficult not to view the clothes as poor pastiches of his old work.  New-comer Stephane Rolland, Cheryl Cole's fave, made some really interesting architectural shapes out of pieces of plastic, like this robotic piece:


Couture has really put me in the mood for the ready-to-wear shows...bring it on!


Fantastic Carla Bruni

Well I'm back at work now.  Being sick allowed me to follow the couture shows with great interest and to devote a lot of time to the blog, but actually I'm glad to be back in the office as I've got a tonne of stuff I should be getting on with...  but before I go back to approximately two posts a day, I'll leave you with this gem I found browsing the web in bed last night.  I had never quite realised how fabulous Carla Bruni is, I guess I'm too young to have grown up with her, but still - she is amazing!

Ciao senza sniff-sniff

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

OK, so I'm about to do something which might be a littttttle bit inconsistent.  I have deliberately not been showing pictures of the Dior couture, because I think it was a bad collection.  It was a bad collection because every piece was ridiculous - it was beautiful, but ridiculous.  Nobody would wear it.  It was a collection of costumes for an as yet to be made movie about an aristocratic anorexic horse-rider.  And so it was an example of what I do not think couture should be.  For me, couture should be amazingly creative and beautiful and extremely expensive and one-of-a-kind.  But somebody should be able to wear some of it!  If it can bear no relation to the ready-to-wear lines, then for me, it is not fashion, it is simply costume design.  (Couture like Galliano designs also scares me because it is so unprofitable, it makes me worry haute couture may not be around for much longer...)

Now here comes the inconsistency, because I have just been looking at Jean Paul Gaultier's show (fabulous), and have decided to discuss only the crazier looks.  BUT, I want to point out that the collection also contained mainy wearable items, and so I can focus on the more playful aspects of it safe in the knowledge that someday soon we will be seeing pieces from the show on a red carpet.  In actual fact, even the crazy looks were so damn crazy as to be Lady Gaga Crazy.  So don't be surprised if some of these appear in a music video coming through your computer screens to you anyday now.  And if Diane Pernet likes it, I know I probably will.  Also, I hope to quickly follow this post with another on some beautiful and wearable couture...

The collection seems to be roughly based on a Central/South American theme, but the looks are actually quite different, so let's consider them separately.  The above left black woven/feathered dress evokes island chic, something you could really go native in.  Shakira would look fabulous dancing in this.  Above right, woah.  I'm not sure if we're meeting an Amazonian warrior woman or Boudicca, Queen of the Britons.  Cobalt blue with metallic accoutrements all down one arm and leg, it's definitely a difficult look to pull off at a premiere, but maybe in a music video?  There's something a little bit robotic, a bit alien about it too!

Below right, that caged volume on this dress is in perfect balance with the form-fitting midsection, the woven pattern designed to give skinny models shape where they lack it...  On a woman with any real breasts, however, it might cause a bit of a problem :-S  And if any celebs fancy going totally tropically mental, then they should definitely go for the tattered look below right, complete with tree-fern headdress.



A bit more elegant, but still totally crazy, is the "day dress" above left, with fans of leaves and more weaving around the bodice.  I am also absolutely in love with the feathered/leaved/whatever-it-is halter-neck above right.  It is psycho and tropical and delicious!!  It kind of reminds me of some stuff with feathers that Jean-Charles de Castelbajac was doing last season...Maybe Jean Paul found some inspiration there?  I need to see Rihanna rocking this look.  Oi, Rihanna's stylist, are you listening?!

Below left, perhaps a bit simpler, but with a metal bra this dress is still mad.  It looks like it's made of flotsam and jetsam found on a paradise beach, with an old sieve shoved over the breast for good measure.  And somehow, it is still sexy.  Finally, below right, LADY GAGA will be wearing this.  I can see it now.  The model even has her hair already!


It turns out the final model was singer Arielle Dombasle:

A bientot,


Elie Saab Couture

OMG the photos are just in on (why does it always get them before from the Elie Saab Couture Spring/Summer 2010 show.  Wowzers.  Some very beautiful dresses here!  Elie threw in some shorter pieces and some babydolls, but the focus, as usual, was on full-blown evening gowns for the A-listers.  And the celebs won't have been disappointed!  Everything was light and floaty, and came in on-trend pastel colours of lemon yellow, baby blue and a slightly peachy, dusty pink.

These are definitely dresses designed for ladies who travel with their own portable wind-machines.  And ladies they were, as the hair and makeup were demure, with natural sunkissed skin, pale pink lips and simple plaits across the scalp, opening up into long, loose locks.


There were also a few dresses made from delicious painted fabric, which on one or two had been twisted so perfectly that it looked like the paint must have been applied to the dress once it had already been constructed...


Once, a few years ago, Anna Jewsbury, Bianca Abulafia, and I had the pleasure to attend an Elie Saab RTW show, but never couture.  I'm still waiting for my invite...