Thursday, 30 September 2010

JCDC Ahoy!

I have been waiting to write this post for a while now, my fingers itching to get at the keyboard.  But I wanted to hold back and make sure I had uploaded all my pictures from London Fashion Week first, since I find it very easy to get behind with the blog (and I figure, if it's not up-to-date, what's the point?).  Saying that, waiting until now has actually paid off because it coincides with another happy incident in my life...

So, I hear you all ask, what exactly was I so excited about?  Well, it was the arrival of this little package above (modelled by Anastasia, naturally), gifted to me by the lovely Amy Young, containing a pair of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's latest trainers produced in collaboration with Gola.  You probably know already how much I love JCDC (having first attended one of his shows two years ago...), and how sad I was that his Conduit Street store appeared to have shut down, so I was pretty much over-the-moon that I could get my hands on some JCDC wonderfulness without having to hop on the Eurostar any time soon...

The trainers are black and rainbow-coloured hi-tops,  with a jingly-jangly JCDC logo chain attached which makes a satisfying clinking sound as I stroll around town in them.  They are surprisingly comfy (as compared to many other designer collaborations I have tried) although let's face it - you don't wear Castelbajac for the comfort!  I am currently using them to add a vibrant pop of colour to my darker outfits (below there is a picture Mother Duck snapped outside The Ivy during LFW), but come Spring and along with it the maximalist in-your-face colour explosions we are seeing come out of the London and Paris shows, I will be rocking these bad boys with lots of clashing colours :-) They certainly attracted a lot of attention during fashion week, with street-style bloggers snapping away happily.  Even Paul Hartnett, who never requests the provenance of my clothes, asked me where they were from.  The full shoe collection is apparently available in the UK as of last week. 

I almost have enough JCDC clothing to make an entire outfit now (shoes, tee, sweater, necklace, scarf...) although I am missing some trousers.  Which leads me on to my second piece of good news - JCDC has launched an online store for the UK!  Admittedly, I am not completely in love with the South Park theme this season, but there is a cartoon wolf snood with my name on it...

For a lunchtime snack at The Ivy, I wore my JCDC/Gola shoes with Acne sweatpants and canvas biker jacket, an Alexander McQueen scarf and a Marni manbag. 

JCDC lovvvvveeee

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

London Fashion Week SS 2011 Day 2: Maria Francesca Pepe

Oops, I spoke too soon with regard to my previous post, since I do in fact have one more London Fashion Week post up my sleeve, the fabulous Maria Francesca Pepe.  I'm not quite sure how these photos managed to go missing on my laptop but I'm certainly glad I found them again!  I first met Maria a couple of years ago at the very first LFW exhibition I ever attended, way back when they were still held in the grounds of the Natural History Museum.  Maria was showcasing her wonderful tubular jewellery (appreciated by celebrity fans like Róisín Murphy) and I chatted to her with Anna from Eva London.  A few years later and Maria helped judge Anna's Central Saint Martins jewellery competition - I wrote about the winner, Sophie Thomas, earlier - and now her own company has come on leaps and bounds.  This season she presented her full womenswear collection (and of course the gorgeous jewellery) at the Italian Cultural Institute, a fitting venue for a darkly romantic and particularly Catholic ensemble of pieces.  A religious bondage theme permeated the entire collection, which was loosened up with spidery floral prints and lots of draping.  Think crop-tops, tank dresses and harnesses worn over cycling-style shorts.  The highlight was, of course, the accessories and I desperately want to get my hands on one of those oversized crucifixes! Powerful enough to beat off any vampire...

You can tell Anna and I were enjoying ourselves...

London Fashion Week SS 2011 Day 3: Clemency London

My über-short London Fashion Week was finished off by dropping by the Clemency London presentation at Somerset House for a refreshing glass of vino and a sneak-peek at their SS2011 collection.  The brand was not only showing off its latest ready-to-wear but also its recent collaboration with famed photographer Rankin whose fashion video was projected onto the white walls, the rock-chick music repeating itself roughly every 45 seconds.  The repetitive music was giving me a headache (or was it the gin from the night before?) but the clothes certainly perked me up.  I especially liked the white leather biker jacket with a quilted-effect shoulder and zips galore.  Clemency London is just the kind of brand you can imagine seeing girls about town like Kate Moss wearing to pop down to the shops.  There was also a series of film noir photographs to go along with the video. 

And so we come to the end of my LFW posts. Sigh. Luckily it's only a few short months until the next fashion season begins and we always have to keep us entertained in the meantime. Also, I am thinking of taking a few special trips next season (when I will definitely be more organised than I was this time around!), so you might see me popping up in Madrid and Paris...


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

London Fashion Week SS 2011 Day 3: Basso & Brooke

I am going to do something utterly heinous in my fashion world and disagree with Tim Blanks, who wrote a decidedly negative review of Basso & Brooke's latest collection for  What he described as "resolutely low-fi" with a pattern like a "diseased screen on a damaged laptop", I saw as beautiful, romantic, toned-down elegance.  Thankfully, my favourite fashion author, Suzy Menkes, also liked the collection, describing it as "a fine example of melding modern technology with a romantic past".  I would be interested in hearing what the other regular editor, Meenal Mistry, thought of it.

I loved the muted colour palette punctuated by vibrant turquoises and oranges, and the prints were heavenly.  The designers pared back the silhouettes this season, opting for a relaxed 60s and 70s vibe.  Some of the prints were even so subtle that they just left a textured impression on the fabric, like the fabulous golden harem pants or the subsequent dress.  The shoes were also a knockout.  I think the best question I ask myself to determine if I like a womenswear collection is: "Would I want to be seen with friends wearing this?".  And the answer this time is a resounding "Hell yes!".  

The show was also pretty fun, getting to sit in the front row with my fellow bloggers Dan, Brad and new blogging-mate Alex.  And sitting opposite us? Suzy Menkes, Hilary Alexander, Henry Conway and Amber Rose (girlfriend to Kanye).