Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Black Pearl

It often seems to me like I'm usually the last guy to jump on a fashion bandwagon, although sometimes I think I take so long to pick up on a 'trend' that I end up being the only person doing it and somehow it becomes cool again... Well, I'm hoping this is the case for dark/goth nails!  Only last week I discovered Chanel produced this gorgeous colour for their Spring/Summer beauty collection called Black Pearl (seriously hoping this has no connection to a crappy movie of the same name) - it's not so much black as it is greeny/steely grey with a shimmering metallic finish.  It is the perfect colour to go with my shredded Cheap Monday sweater as well as, of course, my sea of black outfits.  I just knew from the moment I saw it I'd be one step closer to joining Willow's little gang of high-school wiccas if I could just get my hands on it (I'd only have to change my surname!).  Alas, the Chanel PR informed me that it was out of stock, being produced as it was only in a small batch for Spring, but - praise be to the great Owl in the sky - I found a solitary bottle sitting all alone in Birmingham airport over the weekend!  Some WAG-bitch wanted it too but Anastasia eventually wrenched it out of her cold, dead hands. 

I've never really painted my nails before except for a light coating of OPI nail strengthener, so after a quick Youtube tutorial I set to work cutting, filing, buffing and painting.  It's quite a thin varnish so I used two coats to get an opaque look and finished with a slick of a clear MAC topcoat to help it last longer.  It was certainly a good distraction from the horror that is Made In Chelsea.  Today's my first day wearing this look out, not quite sure how the Oxford locals are going to take it!  Fingers crossed it will go down better tomorrow at the RCA graduate show :-)

Chanel Black Pearl worn with Hannah Warner skull ring, ASOS bone and leather bracelet and Backlash leather bag as backdrop.


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