Friday, 30 December 2011


Huh, I guess my 2011 wasn't that bad really:


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Packing Light

'Packing light' is a skill Stasie and I have yet to master.  I try to reduce everything down to the bare minimum but it just never works.  Cut to me, last week, manoeuvring an oversized suitcase, a backpack and three large shopping bags down the gangway of a Virgin Pendolino (recently rechristened the Paedolino by Alex Fury).  And that's just to stay at home for two weeks.  

Still, over the past year I'm managed to edit my beauty bag down to the absolute base level of what I can get away with.  'Tis true that I always leave large bottles of Head & Shoulders, Sanex and Kiehl's herbal wash in my parents' house but apart from that I never move without:

Dry shampoo - Batiste - essential for the second day...
Lightweight moisturiser - e.g. Biotherm - because my skin is an oil slick
Miniature deep-cleansing face mask - e.g. Murad - see above
Hair glossing cream - Frederic Fekkai - it's my best feature
Exfoliant - Dermalogica - gives an alabaster texture
Eye cream -  Malin+Goetz - a recent addition to my regimen
Perfume - Margiela - err, this is obvious
Lip balm - Aesop - I prefer moisturising creams to waxy sticks

What else does a boy really need?


Monday, 26 December 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim'd

Necklace in 3.1 Phillip Lim bag and packaging

Just like at the start of the recession when VAT was slashed, shops cut all their prices and my income (pitiful though it was) held steady, I have been taking full advantage of all the sales going on at the moment.  No need to wait for Boxing Day...  Liberty, Harvey Nichols, The Corner, Browns, The LN-CC - all have been suitably raided and now I'm just sitting back, gnawing on a Curly Wurly and waiting for my 2012 wardrobe to arrive.  The parents might be annoyed by this sudden flurry of spending but I guess they don't realise this is my major shopping period of the year.  Plus, I just got 'paid' (doctoral students everywhere roll their eyes).

The first package to come through this week was an exciting one - a 50% off 3.1 Phillip Lim necklace I tracked down on The Corner.  Made of metal, leather, plastic and fabric, this completely fits in with the industrial chic look I'm thinking of for January.  It's a bit like those chunky Proenza accessories from last season - see Jen's DIY post on Style Crusader.  There's something my scientific heart finds very satisfying about the symmetry and the geometric design.  And the the carabiner-style clasp may even convince me to go outside with my hair up.      

3.1 Phillip Lim necklace in metal, plastic, leather and neoprene

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mulled Duck

To make one mulled Duck, feed him five glasses full of home-mulled wine, allow to stew for 30 minutes in a cropped Acne sweatshirt and skinny Odyn Vovk jeans, then shake vigorously.  Wait, that's how to make one vomiting Duck...

OK, well to make mulled wine I'd normally get an orange and stud it with cloves, float it off in a sea of heated wine, water, sugar and brandy, and toss in a star anise and stick of cinnamon for good luck.  Then you just need to bring it all to simmering point, cover immediately and leave to 'cook' for ten minutes off the heat.  But we were being lazy today at Casa di Duck so we just opened a jar of fairtrade mulling spice and chopped up an organic clementine.  Still, the key ingredient was there - WINE!    

Alex Loves Christmas

Aye, a blogger's life, 'tis a lonely one, it's true.  Especially since having moved out of Oxford, I am not longer invited to Christmas parties I can attend (or rather 'suffer', if we're including departmental disasters).  So my one proper Christmas party this year was Alex Loves's, held in her gorgeous dinky home in Islington.  There were other bloggers (Kate from Fabric of my Life), lots of people I'd never met before, and a drunken plastic Jenga game...  Not to mention fondue (both cheese AND chocolate - my muffin-top is intact for Christmas day!), mulled wine, cocktails and quite an incredible light installation.  Such fun rifling through Alex's shelves when she wasn't looking :-)  Who else would have a Chanel pop-up book?!