Friday, 9 March 2012

John Rocha A/W 2012

I was lucky to make it to John Rocha's show.  Maybe it's because I moved house between last season and this - actually I moved right in the middle of fashion week, though that's another drama - but somehow my show ticket never winged its way into my letterbox.  I guess the tight security protecting our mailboxes from the violent riffraff of West London might have been the problem.  In any case I had assumed I didn't have a ticket so was caught off guard when the PRs DM'ed to say my invitation was waiting for me backstage.  I believe it was roughly one hour before showtime and I was lounging in my bedroom in a state of undress usually reserved for my infrequent 'house guests', as I've taken to calling them.  Twenty minutes later I was panicking in the back of an Addison Lee, desperately willing my hair to dry.  "Fashion week, then?", asked the driver.

Man, I'm glad I made it there on time!  Although again John didn't show menswear (the store manager told me this will continue for at least the next few seasons #sadface), I felt like this was one of his strongest collections in a while.  The first few voluminous looks in crinkly black paper worried me slightly that this would be a copycat collection (copying his former self, naturally) but then suddenly everything felt fresher and much more modern.  Skin-tight, sheer, sleeveless tube dresses appeared, decorated with lace-filled cut outs or panels of coloured silk (colours!).  Embroidered flowers grew up and over the bust of one dress while panels of fur exploded from the sides adding texture to what would otherwise be a see-through skirt.  This second half of the collection was sexier, younger and very much now.  I wonder if seeing his daughter Simone's success has re-inspired his own work?

Could've done without the leather jackets, though.       



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  2. You are so lucky! I love this designer! So jealous :) Must of been awesome watching it :) 

  3. I am very lucky, I guess.  And I also love John Rocha <3

  4. it looks so cool!

  5. Thanks for your visit! I love this collection, very creative and chic! I follow you, I hope you follow me too!

  6. TripsandtreasuresblogMarch 11, 2012 7:47 pm

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  7. What an amazing photos. I love this collection. Thanks for sharing.