Tuesday, 24 April 2012


You may have noticed that a few changes have occurred over night.  Having recently left Handpicked Media, I have now removed all ads from my blog and done away with the cluttered sidebar altogether.  The irony of this occurring the day Melanie Rickey announces joining that network is not lost on me.  I figured that as the quality of my photography improves, I need more room to show off the pictures.  This change in scaling has probably completely distorted my older posts but I'm not even going to look at that right now... This is still very much a work in progress (if anyone knows how to get rid of the ugly borders appearing around photos and framing the blog, please let me know!) and you might see things moving about a bit over the next week or so.  In particular, I'm going to move the majority of the content that was in the sidebar to pages accessible from the top of the site.  Anyway, if something doesn't seem to be working for you, I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know!


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