Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My new favourite comment

"Yes we all know you have a rich mother. But just keep in mind that the majority of your followers on twitter do not have rich parents and find it incredibly condescending when you talk 'mother' to all of us. You might be able to drop label after label name constantly with that you are wearing, or more like who you are wearing, just remember you're followers who have less money than you find this rude. Yes your mother this and your mother that. I can come up with a nice sentence for you which includes the words mother. Figure it out." 

I can't actually be bothered discussing this in full (again) so let's bullet-point it, OK?

  • If Karen Walker in Will & Grace isn't your favourite TV character ever, you're really not going to get my Twitter sense of humour.  Just unfollow me.
  • Read this post by Jane.  This is basically how I can afford things.  Sometimes I get things for free and point this out when I do.  But actually even if I were filthy fucking rich and collected couture dresses on a regular basis, I'm not sure that would make me a terrible human being.  If it would, I guess I better unfollow Daphne Guinness.
  • My spending is pretty focused in one area.  I don't spend money on other hobbies because I don't really have any other hobbies that cost anything  (I also don't have children and haven't driven myself into credit card debt).  This seems a good time to bring up another of Jane's points: live within your means.
  • I blog about fashion. If you think fashion is ridiculous [the best often is!] and inherently bad then why exactly are you following me here? If my obsession were football and I bought tickets to every game going, I bet you wouldn't judge me quite as much.
  • I don't leave anonymous comments on blogs. 
  • I can't believe I'm even attempting to justify myself here.

No kisses for you tonight, people.

P.S. OK, fine: XXX