Thursday, 17 May 2012

British Designers Collective: Menswear

It's not often Twitter spurs me to do anything other than shop or eat; rather it's much more likely to be distracting me from doing whatever it is I'm really meant to be doing.  I can close my browser and put my phone on silent but those nasty microblogs (have we stopped using that term yet?) still manage to track me down via DM emails or that Ubuntu Twitter programme I've tried to switch off a hundred times but still pops up now again to inform me my latest Instagram post was #MEGACHIC and #OUTOFCONTROL.  Anyway, today is probably the first time the Twits got me doing anything productive - i.e. writing this blog post.  Everybody is talking about the launch of the menswear British Designers Collective pop-up yesterday at Bicester Village, which I attended but forgot to blog...even though I had all my images edited by bedtime last night! 

The crowd of us taking the train up to Oxfordshire's not-so-secret shopping haven was a little bit different to the womenswear launch but I still recognised a few friendly faces in Disney Roller Girl and The Very Simon GBistrotheque provided us with delicious hampers of sandwiches, bread and cheese, pâté and champagne (I promised myself I wouldn't drink at lunchtime but I may have slipped and fallen head-first into my plastic glass).  A little bit more vegetarian food might have been nice but beggars can't be choosers...  Being menswear, the designers selected for the store were obviously also slightly different.  There were staples such as E Tautz, Folk and Margaret Howell who I'm sure will sell well, but I was much more excited about bStore, James Long and Jonathan Saunders.  

I had also promised myself I wouldn't spend any money but that wish went out the window when I spotted a pink bouclé wool biker jacket, lined throughout with black satin, from James Long's AW 2011 collection.  I had seen it on the runway, loved it, and there was only one in the store, IN A FITTING SIZE.  Then James came up to me himself to tell me how fabulous I looked in it.  Fate.  If you're thinking of buying any pieces yourself I'd get up there pronto, I saw quite a lot of men clutching British Designers Collective bags on the way back to the train station... 


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