Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I spent weeks searching for the perfect iPhone cover. I needed one to a) protect my iPhone from drunken stumbles (I'd rather not shatter the back on a Brussels cobblestone again) and, more importantly, b) render the black phone more visible in low light conditions, such as the darkened back of a taxi cab....  I searched long and hard and eventually settled on a Weston crystal-print after eliminating the rubber Hello Kitty number that came in a close second.   Oh yeah, and then that American bitch at the McQ show stole my phone, and with it my perfect covering, now sold out :(

I've been going for about two months case-less but thankfully I found this woven beauty in the bottom of a gift bag from the Mr Porter/Esquire/Jimmy Choo party (pictured above charging at the St Martin's Lane bloggers' suite during fash week).  Finally my hardware is protected!  Of course, now that I've put said case on the phone, I can't get the blasted thing off to look at the label.  So if anyone would care to inform me of the brand name... I will offer sexual favours I would be very grateful. 

P.S. this was the same party that I TOUCHED JON HAMM'S ARM.   It's also the party where I accosted Matt Smith, confessed my Doctor Who-geekdom and then apparently badgered him about the lack of ethnic minority Doctors.  This is why I shouldn't be allowed near an open bar when there are celebrities roaming freely.   I didn't take my camera with me so the only photo I've been able to find of me and my outfit from that night is below (with Bainser):

I think we can assume I was under the influence here (wearing Jil Sander harness over Alexander Wang shirt dress).

Btw, while we're on the topic of cases, I also love Joe's Valextra iPhone holder I spotted when he was sitting next to me at the Oliver Spencer show. If only I could justify the expense...

In a few short hours (*sob*) I'll be back on the railroad, this time to Paris.  Sadly this season I won't be attending any parties but will be locked up in my hotel room working on my thesis.  I've recently discovered trains are the perfect place to work so travelling in many ways actually boosts my productivity!  Something about the rocking really helps me focus.  Anyway, I'll definitely be popping out to catch the Issey Miyake show, where apparently there's going to be a big surprise...  But then it's nose very much back to the grindstone!


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