Saturday, 30 June 2012

Givenchy SS 2013

Givenchy's one of those Paris shows I just can't wait to see the photos from – you can never really predict exactly where Riccardo's going to take it each season. They don't livestream so yesterday I was glued to NowFashion waiting for the images was working hard on my thesis while the attendees sweltered in the Parisian heat (Givenchy is notorious for running late). 

The collection is beautiful. Layers of satin in black, white and baby pink printed with digitally manipulated religious iconography in a sort of art deco style. Of course I love the skirts, the tailored waistcoats and jackets, and the bomber which seems to be cropping up everywhere. I haven't been instantly won over by those chain sandals but they might grow on me by summer. Actually, I almost bought a pair of this season's sandals in the Rue Saint Honoré store this week (40% off if you're in Paris, btw) but finding a birthday present for Mother in L'Eclaireur wiped out my bank balance. Next time...

The one 'issue' I have is the continued repetition of one set of graphics for each collection. Riccardo's work didn't start out like this but it seems now we just wait to find out what the chosen image will be, and then we'll see it plastered everywhere for the next 6 to 12 months. It's why I didn't buy into the rottweilers or the birds of paradise. The iconography is, in my opinion, more beautiful than the past two seasons but the fact that everyone will be wearing the same picture puts me off splurging. In any case, the use of 'couture' fabrics will probably push the already astronomical RRP up even further.  Let's revisit my thoughts on this come January.


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