Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Besides partying it up like the Queen that I am, this weekend was also a chance to escape the city and go for a good old-fasioned drive in the countryside. Not quite the Highlands really - we only drove around the Gare Loch, up Loch Long, across through Glen Douglas and back along the shores of Loch Lomond in the Trossachs National Park - but it was still nice to escape from the tyranny of my mobile phone...  It was intriguing to see the NATO weapons depot buried into the hillside of Glen Douglas; with the roads deserted I felt like a spy taking photos of what apparently hosts 40,000 tonnes of missiles.  I hope I wasn't being recorded!  Removal of weapons storage all over Scotland (including nuclear warheads and submarines) was one of the selling points for the SNP's independence plan which may have been scuppered by the realisation we might then have to leave NATO...

After a drive in the sunshine we headed back into town for a late Italian lunch.  We daren't get stuck in the countryside around mealtimes - an ill-fated holiday in Skye a few years ago reminded us that much of Scotland is not vegetarian-friendly, particularly if you don't enjoy eating cheese toasties, baked potatoes and sliced cucumber with iceberg lettuce every day. 


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