Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Oliver Spencer SS 2013

Oliver Spencer's show, at least the segment I was drawn to, was a festival of primary colours.  A colour-blocked (I've decided that phrase isn't offensive to me any more, OK?) jumper would be perfect for the Northern European summer holiday I have planned for whenever my thesis is done and dusted.  The wide-necked blue sweatshirt would also come in handy, worn with Famous Five themed shorts and a backpack.  A zip-up suede bomber jacket came in a vibrant red hue (not that I'm allowed to buy any more, what with my preordered Qasimi AW bomber arriving sometime this month...).  Oh, and how could I not be drawn to the red and blue circular graphic of the season, emblazoned on t-shirts, walls and our invitations.  Part pie-chart, part make-up palette, it symbolises my own particular hybridisation of maths and art.

P.S. Yes, that is Topman Design creative director and general master daddy silver fox, Gordon Richardson, walking in the show.  Maybe he's found a new career at the grand age of 58.

Btw, when is this extreme-prep mode of dressing just going to die?  Joe and I felt like the only people at the show not wearing trousers rolled halfway up the calf (or even cropped that high in the first place), jackets with the collars up, pinstripes, pocket-squares and ironic glasses.  Why did dressing like a cartoon character* ever become cool? 

*Unless it's like a Powerpuff Girl - you are more than welcome to dress like that!!


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