Friday, 29 June 2012

Parisian nights

One night, six collections, three delicious meals, four trips to L'Eclaireur and 8 macarons. What a trip...

Full posts on each of the shows I saw will manifest here as and when I find this ridiculously annoying bug in my code. Until then (and the rest of my London coverage), please enjoy this short photo diary from my one night stay in Paris. Many thanks to Mama Shelter for making me so comfortable once again, and a providing a lovely space where I could work. Not so many thanks to Eurostar who it turns out don't provide power sockets in cattle class – how's a boy supposed to write his thesis when his laptop battery burns out?! 

P.S. It was really nice to meet up with Disney Roller Girl and The Very Simon G for salads and bitching, but Dress Me Best Jess was sorely missed! 

P.P.S. Photo descriptions below...

Photos in order: Colours at the Kolor show; lunch at La Favorite in the Marais; scuba-chic at the Louis Vuitton show; model resting at Y Project; my room in Mama Shelter; Shrek mask lighting; plastic fantastic John Lawrence Sullivan show; paper gowns at Issey Miyake; Jean Paul Gaultier does turbans for men; bag and sandals from Kolor; pleated culottes at JPG; sleeping Y Project beauty. 


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