Sunday, 24 June 2012

Xander Zhou SS 2013

When a new name appears on the fashion week schedule I often have no idea what to expect.  When it's a brand that has already been successful abroad and has now been brought to London (presumably to 'up' its presence in front of the international press) my interest is decidedly piqued.  Which is why I enjoyed Xander Zhou's SS 2013 show, Fleurdalism, so very much.  

The sleeveless t-shirts and shirts were just the right side of sexy (if only I could wear them) and the all-white looks were pristine, verging on ethereal.  I loved the bomber jacket (starting another obsession) with black piping and Le Petit Prince-meets-Snow White scarf and jacket combo.  He may have lost me with some of the oversized, high-necked coats but, for me, a suit made from fabric lightly quilted in a grid-like design stole the show.  The irony that it was modelled by a James Marsters look-a-like when I always had a thing for one Mr Xander Harris was not lost on me.  

I almost don't want to mention the Raf references for fear of sounding like a broken record labelled Lynn & Horst.  Let's just point out that Xander studied industrial design before fashion, and leave it at that.     


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