Thursday, 5 July 2012

New kicks

Kris van Assche black hi tops

You might think I'm saying 'kicks' here to be all American (which I get mistaken for a lot) but I'm not, I'm trying to be all Canadian (which I'm also not) like Kevin Naulls. Kicks is a word I imagine he'd say and we're internet-betrothed so I need to start acclimatising for my life in the country that gave the world such wonders as sexy Mounties, and, errr, maple trees?

Anyhoo (also Canadaspeak, TV leads me to believe), these new trainers were one of the sales bargains I snapped up in a pre-fashion week haze. June and December seem to be the months I do my major splurging due to the preponderance of online shopping bonanzas. I never can resist the words "50% off Kris van Assche".  For once in my life I did actually need these – the only 'casual' shoes I own are Converse. And please don't tell me these look like Converse. They have a zip up the back. Totally different.

Wearing shoes by Kris van Assche, trousers by Topman.


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