Monday, 16 July 2012

Qasimi dungaree

A while ago I said I thought the statement graphic t-shirt was as close as menswear comes to the dress – one piece you can throw on which instantly makes an outfit.  I was wrong and Qasimi Homme has shown me the way; that one simple, statement piece is clearly....the dungaree.  Yup.  I can't quite believe I'm writing it but Qasimi is making me like dungarees (are we allowed to say 'play suit' for men? sounds rather more back room than intended).  I wanna get all Osh Kosh B'Gosh on myself for spring/summer 2013 in a slouchy all-black number.  I'd probably wear a 'couture' white tee (COS, not Sander) underneath and pull my Trunky behind me to the library accessorise with a nice clutch.  

Oh Qasimi dungaree, will you be at the preorders night? And will I order you before my autumn/winter shipload has even arrived? This is the voice of an addict talking.  


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