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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

T1.2 St Andrews

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting St Andrews on Scotland's eastern coast. We decided to book into Rufflets, a chic boutique hotel on the outskirts of the town, to make it our base for further explorations into the nearby area. My room in the big, old house was super cosy, from the teddy on my bed to the powerful central heating that fought off the worst of the Scottish winter. In the town itself we visited the ruined castle and cathedral, where the Protestant Reformation really began in Scotland. We also dined in Rocca, looking out onto the famous Old Course golf links, enjoying the artfully presented, modern fare in such a historic setting.

Wearing scarf Saint Laurent Paris, coat Neil Barrett, gloves Maison Martin Margiela, jumper Jigsaw Menswear

Beetroot with goats cheese and onion ash

Dessert of mango and passion fruit variations

Dr Duck

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Diary

Christmas.  Christmas is for stuffing my face with soufflés suisses, relaxing in medieval Damir Doma prints, bulking up in Balmain to explore Linlithgow Palace (even if Chanel is long departed), getting to grips with my new Leica D-Lux 6, visiting family at Grandma's, and sale shopping in bed with a bottomless goblet of red wine.  I'm swollen, hungover and I think I have a cold coming on.  Bring on Hogmanay!


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Come Dine With Me | II

Last night was the third instalment of our Come Dine With Me special, this time with Shona cooking up a vegan smörgåsbord in her West End castle.  There was a beetroot and ginger soup, daal with wild rice, pineapple broccoli and spiced sweet potato, finishing up with chocolate mousse and banana cream.  And yes, she baked her own bread.  Everything was delicious, although she didn't win me over with a mousse made from a base of avocado...  

Shona's house was incredible and perfect for our favourite part of the evening  — snooping.  Her Dad hoards all kinds of books, perfectly preserved children's toys, tandems... Even a jeroboam of champagne.  Oh, and the dress code was 'hint of hippie'.  I toyed with several outfits before settling on a J W Anderson tie-dye sweatshirt and some of my favourite LN-CC friendship bracelets. 


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Come Dine With Me

If you follow me on Twitter you're probably aware how mad I am about television cookery shows.  Masterchef (UK, The Professionals, Australia), Nigella, The Great British Bake Off, I'll watch anything — the Food Network is almost never off in my house.  I even sat up until 1am last night watching a Nigel Slater documentary on sweets and our emotional history with them.  Hashtag obsessed.  

Anyway, while I'm back at home, a group of four of us decided to recreate another of my favourite old-school cookery shows: Come Dine With Me.  Each week we're taking it in turns to cook a dinner party for the others, and at the end we'll announce our scores and pick the winner.  I think we might be getting a platter of Monopoly money hidden under a cloche... My night was a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to take any pictures since I was mainly sweating into my Damir Doma blouson in the kitchen and trying to smear whipped cream elegantly onto a plate like any top Michelin-starred chef.  [For those of you who are interested I made a celeriac soup to start, followed by spiced cauliflower fritters, chicken roasted with red onions and sumac, chilli and garlic broccoli, and Egyptian kushari, finishing with a lemon cheesecake, roasted plum sorbet and tropical fruit salad.] 

This week, however, I did remember to take my camera to Ruth's house for her turn in the kitchen.  Her home-made ravioli stuffed with mushrooms and ricotta were delicious, as was the salted caramel and chocolate tart.  There was even a rambunctious dog included for entertainment purposes.  Our next meal is tomorrow night and I'm excited to see what Shona has to offer.  It's a good thing I've been to the gym three times in the past three days...


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Duck & Waffle

Come on, I had to go for the name alone!  When Duck & Waffle opened in London I was certainly intrigued, even more so when I discovered the name comes from the restaurant's signature dish — a confit duck leg served on the bone atop Belgian waffles, topped off with fried duck egg and a pot of maple syrup.  This place serves what Masterchef Australians would undoubtedly term Dood FoodCharlie and Lexxi chowed down on the likes of gigantic rock oysters and lamb cheek doughnuts, while I gorged myself on oeuf en cocotte with wild mushrooms and truffles, heritage tomato salad (I now refuse to eat any other kind), and pea and mint arancini with a sharp truffle mayonnaise.  All this took place at the top of Heron Tower, on the floor above Sushi Samba (of dirty martini, dirty bastard fame), overlooking the whole of London and the death-defying drop beneath us.  You feel like you're walking in Balenciaga's AW 2012 show (sadface) as you clamber through the vacant office spaces between high-speed elevator and the final set of stairs.  We were above the Gherkin, for Christ's sake.  So filling, so delicious and such amazing surroundings, it really is the only way to recover from a Bistrotheque-induced hangover...   

Wearing jacket by Pierre Balmain, necklace by Eddie Borgo, jumper by Damir Doma, t-shirt by Sisley, shorts by John Rocha.